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[Geek] Guild Wars mini review

I didn't get to bed until 1:30am - whoops!

Left my glasses on top of the boot of my car this morning (but have them now) - whoops!

Definitely lots of fun, very pretty, really nice look and feel. Nothing I can see that will annoy me, although I've only been playing it for a few hours. Everything intuitive. Despite the depth of the content, quests are logged in an easily digestable form. Lots of nice touches to make things easier. Skill system seems good.

Ack, I could go on about it all, but really, just try it! My first (of four) characters is on there as "Azekeil The Slight" :) Oh, and the other great thing is that unlike other MMORPGs, you don't have ensure you're "on the same server" as someone else; you can jump between instances of the town, and questing is done in per-party spawned instances anyway :)

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