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PAYG road scheme

I've made a post about the potential benefits for bikers, but for the majority of users I think this is just going to mean pain. In its current form, as slowfox outlines, if you do 10,000 miles in a Ka per year only on quiet rural roads out of peak hours you might make a small saving on current taxes. So your average person commuting is going to feel the pinch, quite badly.

Additionally with the loss of duty on fuel we lose the heavier taxation for the less economical vehicles.

What this means in the wider scheme of things, everything else remaining the same, is that it will become even more imperative to live close to where you work. Less number of skilled employees to choose from (or those that are and live far away will command a higher fee), businesses may even choose to relocate to high population density areas to get the skills they need..

I just think it's going to be a huge downer on the economy and force the cost of living up yet again. It may improve quality of life for those who can still afford to run vehicles on the roads as there may well be less congestion.. but mainly due to lost jobs.

My advice? Get a bike and hope that they don't impose it on bikes ;)

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