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The see-saw

Well yet more stuff has been going on. Tuesday I had Sarah and Vernon down - they are work colleagues from the Centre of Excellence, or CofE (yes yes let the puns roll on). We spent most of the day discussing what had been going on, my upcoming performance review and getting to know Vernon as my Technical Mentor in the CofE. Sarah is my biker nutter friend who is now acting as the Project Manager of the CofE. Anyway we discussed and decided that I was best taking a project role for now and seeing where it went from there. Good - that's what I wanted and it will help further my career.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst (sp?) to me, kissycat1000 tried to get in touch to arrange to talk to me that evening. I called her back when we got back from the pub and saw the message but didn't ask what it was about, just that I knew it must be fairly serious.

We met up in a pub in Cheltenham and talked about the fact that Rob is no longer happy with things the way they are. Obviously this doesn't make any of us very happy. At least we got the chance to talk face to face and felt a little happier but it's all still very much in a state of flux.

Today I had my review with my SC (Staff Consultant) and I gave him merry hell. I attacked the review process because it does not take into account the CofE project and fails to meet it's needs. I am being reviewed against my peers, who are apparently other graduates. I have always argued that they are not any more, but that they should be members of the CofE with similar skill sets and responsibilities. He's going to put my case forward at the next SC meeting.

At least he was going to recommend me to go up to the next career level.. which should mean I get reviewed against more highly paid people. Now all I need to do is get a role with lots more responsibility and wait for the next review... *sigh*

First job's crap and relationship's good.. now relationship's in the mire and job's good. Can I have both good? Please? Just for a while?

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