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sebastian_lux's party

We had a party yesterday to celebrate sebastian_lux - I think it was his birthday but I can't really be too sure ;)

Anyway, all the usual fun and frivolities happened and there were a few new faces which is always nice to see. We had a BBQ, poi, music and even the first episode of Ulysses 31 snuck in there at one point! Later on we had fire poi, a mass goating (not as directly debauched as it sounds) and fire poi. I was fairly inebriated (of course) so I (mostly) only managed to get pictures of the fire poi:

Who is that shadowy figure?


Oh it's dennyd

flannelcat and dennyd face off.

Today we went to Bourton-on-the-Water. kissycat1000 drove herself and her kids and graciously lent ev1ldonut her bike so he and I could ride there. Lots of fun :) We saw some ducks (real and plastic), lots of other tourists, a few shops and stuff before we were all tired and it was time to come home. Now another game of munchkin if everyone's feeling up to it, then a film I think :)

UPDATE: Zekay Hubcaps was there enjoying himself immensely, as can be seen in the additional photos here on ev1ldonut's post :)

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