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Oh yes. dylan brought three (!) of his spare (!!) record players to Bristol from his parents for me to try. I'm now sat listening to the most expensive one at home. I think I can also hear dylan crying in the background somewhere.. we plugged it in at his to test before I left and he was gutted to discover he liked what he heard more than the current record deck he's using! Still, he can't play all of them at once, so he's very kindly sold it to me. It's got a cool function called the Vacuum Disc Stabiliser that sucks the record to the turntable to make it flat. I imagine it might also have some benefits in non-slippage and increased coupling to a greater mass than just the record..

Anyway, it was a touch splashy on the treble when we played it at his place, so unfortunately my already splashy amp does it no favours, but I know what it can sound like. I'll get some decent speaker cables and then try a few amps until I find one I like enough to upgrade to. Suppose I ought to start paying off my bike first though.. :/

However. I'm now on the lookout for cheap vinyl, mainly rock and variants I guess :)

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