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Officially Ill.

I wentwas taken to the doctors by the ever-patient kissycat1000 and children. The doctor was so impressed with my tonsils he called in my registered doctor to come and have a look as well. Two doctors - I must be proper ill. They poked and prodded and umm'd and aah'd before giving me two forms of penicillin to be taken together to bonk it over the head. I've been written off work for the next week and made noises about referring me to have the blighted things removed at my next appointment on Friday!

This does mean it's unlikely I'll be up for doing anything over the weekend (sorry mandelorean) and may even have to miss roleplaying on Monday :( - oh, sebastian_lux the answer is yes!

After a wobbly bit where I took lots of very strong medicine and painkillers on an empty stomach (as instructed) but with orange juice (bad because it's acidic as I later realised) I have to say I am feeling decidedly perkier. Still have no regulatory control of my body temperature but hey ho. Oh and I've got very good at the wide-eyed vacant pained expression too.

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