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Request for suggestions

I'm sat here watching Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring on TV. I thought about how I associate my favourite band Led Zeppelin with LoTR (the book before the movie, but the story now the movie's out) due to a song on the first CD I own of theirs. zeke_hubris has posted recently about reading Lucifer: Exodus which appears to be a Sandman extrapolation.

All of these types of things I find fascinating - Heaven and Hell, epic, fantastic, sometimes serious, stark, dark, reflective on our own lives and philosophies.

Knowing myself as I do, I'm a terrible perfectionist. I don't like starting something that's going to require considerable effort. I simply haven't had the time to look into what is really worth reading/watching/listening to because my own personal experience is going to be limited however I decide to investigate. Is this just personal taste, or stuff that lots of people think is great? If the latter, then I have a hope of being able to be recommended stuff that I will love. Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor, Terry Pratchett, Tori Amos etc. I don't even pretend to know most of the major works of just the few I've listed here.

So people, make me recommendations (preferably with links) to stuff like the above you have enjoyed (and/or know to be recognised as very good) to read/watch/listen to.

Thank you :)

UPDATE: I've found an animation film shown at least twice that I remember on Channel 4: Angel's Egg. I'm off to see if I can get hold of it :D

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