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I have a noo suite!

whotheheckami came around and with my and ev1ldonut's help, whisked a three piece creme suite in superb condition from kissycat1000's very kind and generous nan 'round to my house. I've rearranged things and it's all a bit squishy at the moment but who cares? :D

sarah_mum turned up just as all the hard work was done, which she sounded quite disappointed about. I appear to have a small bouncy child in bed (the little window-sitting terror) so ev1ldonut and kissycat1000 have been able to go out tonight. whotheheckami and sarah_mum beat a hasty retreat so I cooked one of the pizza's I bought recently - mmm.

I watched Location Location where a female couple who owned their own business were trying to buy their dream weekend home in Devon and managed it by consolidating their office space and living space in Swindon. At first I was jealous of their owning two properties but as I watched I realised that they'd worked very hard for their rewards. It's funny because I have been thinking recently that the only way to really earn money is to work for yourself and have others working for you. Perhaps it could be done with contracting as well..

Then I watched Grand Designs, where a carpenter built his family a Norwegian flat-pack log house from scratch (with a couple of hired hands). It was cheap and efficient and they could have it exactly as they wanted. Again emphasising the achievement with a lot of hard work.

I must say I'm looking fowards to getting this place sorted out a bit more. I've been vaguely thinking about taking some time off to get the major bits done as I just don't really have the time at present. Although there is of course the Bank Holiday Monday.. ah well it will get there soon enough one way or the other :)

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