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Beast is poorly! :(

Beast is poorly! One too many boots on that flakey video card (dodgy interrupt causes the machine to hang) and it seems to have finally corrupted the filesystem on the boot drive. I think the data drive will be fine, but it's going to take time to sort it all out. Which was a bugger as I'd specifically gone round to mine to pick up the last series of Farscape for kissycat1000 and I to watch. I'll hopefully get it fixed before the weekend..

ION - Jordan had his 7th birthday today! I didn't get to spend much of it with him except after work, when a chance arrangement meant I could join kissycat1000, Tianna and Jordan for bowling, which was mostly fun, but a bit overshadowed unfortunately.

Work seems to be OK after the weekend of woe where I spent most of Saturday evening and early Sunday morning and Sunday day and afternoon working to fix a network problem where I made the wrong judgement call on how important the service was that I was fixing. Boss was fairly understanding and I was able to suggest changes in procedure to enable us to work more to her liking. Also tore a strip out of our new ISP who were quite frankly crap, but made all the right noises under duress.

Oh, and I have Friday off in lieu, which happens to be Tianna's birthday! Hurrah!

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