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A Day In The Life of...

Today I woke up next to kissycat1000. This was Good. Trying to swallow a few seconds later I realised - this was Bad. Ugh, and that headache certainly didn't help. Still, at least it is a Saturday, and as such we don't have to get up early.

"Mmphf - I have a nasty headache, could you get Jordan up?"

Slowly the rest of my senses kick in and I hear the dulcet tones of the lesser spotted Jordan, slowly working up to his morning crescendo.

Oh. So much for that lie-in then.

Now where is my dressing gown? Oh. Downstairs. So I start heading downstairs before I remember that I need my keys to get into the lounge where my dressing gown is. So I turn around and painfully head back upstairs - bear in mind this is all set to the background of the dulcet tones of the lesser spotted Jordan, who is by now in full swing. Not that his voice is causing me pain, more my protesting legs who insist that it is really rather early to be up and don't like this sudden exercise before their owner is even properly awake.

I work my way around the bed and finally fetch my keys before once again heading downstairs. Oh, look. The door isn't actually properly locked, so I didn't need my keys anyway. *sigh*. At least my dressing gown is easy to locate and I shrug it on before once again ascending the stairs to release the lesser spotted Jordan and put an end to his anguish. I mean how dare we leave him in his room past 7:30am in the morning? The pain, the pain.

So, finally the lesser spotted Jordan is installed in his usual spot downstairs, with food and drink, and is singing away to himself, laughing and talking. I heave myself back into bed and will my headache away. Nope. Not going to happen. Still, a nice nuzzle from the equally encumbered kissycat1000 quickly brushes thoughts of headaches away..

Eventually we are in a rush. Rush rush rush! Come on, get up, get dressed, I want to go! Wait, you do realise you'll have to drop the kids off at mine before you go? ..(pause).. Quick quick come on - Tianna! Get up! Get dressed! We're leaving in ten minutes! Huh? What? Where are we going? Alex's! Ugh..

Soon enough we are all round at mine - a quick kiss goodbye and I head indoors. I survey the scene. I have two kids and a load of DIY that needs doing. Tianna is already heading out the back door to sort my garden out for me, the little capitalist in her motivating her to get on with it. After ten minutes or so I go out to help her as she's clearly going to take hours about it. Why don't you move the branches around after I've cut them up? Small ones to be burnt, larger ones over there. Twenty minutes later and we're done.

Right, let's head out for some lunch, and there's some shopping I need to do. So kids bundled in to my car this time - the one that has recently had the clutch cable adjusted as it was so loose I could hardly change gear most of the time. Off we go. After about three corners there's a *twang* and the clutch pedal falls limply to the floor of the car. Bugger. I match revs and change gear smoothly, managing to avoid stopping most of the way.

First stop, MacDonalds. About the only other food than Hula-hoops that the lesser spotted Jordan will eat. Of course it's midday Saturday, it's rammed. The queue for the drive through snakes back through the car park and almost out into the access road for the complex. I turn off the car just around the corner at the tail of the queue, looking to drive into one of the spaces currently blocked by the queue. The queue moves forwards but I stay where I am. Some impatient driver behind me drives around me, at which point I lean on my horn. Goddamit! I decide to risk attempting to reverse into the space from in front. I start the car in first, lurching forwards. I drive around in front of the space. I turn the engine off again and put the car in reverse. I start the car again, moving backwards at about 3-4 miles an hour. Horrified, I see another car about to pull into a space - luckily they see me coming and decide to go for the one next to the one I'm heading for. I stall the car when it's roughly in the space, without hitting anything. Tianna seems less than impressed. I get out and push the car so it's a bit neater, lock it up and head inside.

After a few arguments about sitting and standing, what food people want and which voucher to use, I manage to get the food, all correct, in a reasonable amount of time despite the length of the queue and the special order.

The lesser spotted Jordan even accepts the food I've bought him, which feels like a great privilage. I did have to break it up and even feed him manually at points - including breaking off the bits of cheese on the outside of his burger, but for me this is a step forward from him simply sitting there looking mournfully at the food but refusing to eat any.

We manage to get out of MacDonalds without many problems, and I park on the main road while I nip into the bike shop to pick up my replacement battery. No problems there. Then we drive to Sainsbury's, where I again manage to park with little problems.

In store Tianna notices that twelve packs of Hula-hoops are buy one get one free. I instruct her to go and get a Big Trolley. Eventually she returns, and I empty the entire display, all 37 twelve-packs, into the Big Trolley. "I can't push it, it's too heavy!" she complains. Not even before she gets halfway through the sentence she's already moving at walking pace with the trolley. I raise an exasperated eyebrow at her and she sneaks me a cheeky mischievous grin. She's certainly going to be a proper teenager in a week. "Everyone's going to stare at me! I want to push the other trolley!" *sigh*

Eventually we get out of Sainsbury's after leaving the odd twelve-pack at the checkout and we head to Homebase to pick up a bit of DIY stuff for the rest of my plans for the weekend.

I get back home and find that someone has helpfully parked slightly across the entrance to my drive. I need to reverse in. So I execute a three-point kerb-mounting clutchless parking maneuver, complete with Tianna chanting "I don't like this, I don't like this!" in the background.

Back home all the shopping is put away and Tianna finishes her work in the garden amidst protests of spiders and moans of being unable to do it. Finally I'm satisfied and tell her she can have five pounds for her efforts. She heads out to play in the park and soon comes back to ask if she can go to the roller-disco with a couple of her friends and their father. I give her her five pounds and let her go. I give kissycat1000 a call to check it's all OK, and to give her the highlights of the day so far. She points out that coming to Bristol tomorrow for the pub lunch as planned is a daft idea with the car in it's current clutchless state.

So I eventually get on and scrape all the polystyrene ceiling tiles off the smallest bedroom in preparation for decorating. I've cleaned up and showered and decided I'd write this before I relax for the evening. I may even remember to call a few other people about the party next weekend :)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I had to burn the load of wood that Tianna and I cleared up earlier this afternoon. So there I am, burning away happily. Look at the pretty smoke! Oops, it's Jordan's bedtime. Oh look, here are some nosey kids standing around the fire with Tianna. DON'T TOUCH! Oops I've just been paged by work. *hackhackhack* Oh it's an ISP issue. *calls the states* Yak yak yak I want to go to roller-disco next week! *calls the ISP* Time for food.

Oh and when I was shopping I also bought a couple of 9v batteries, so both my smoke alarms are now working and tested :) kissycat1000, I also have a 9v battery for your doorbell *kiss*

UPDATE2: Hrm. It looks like the work issue is still ongoing. One of the people I talked to mentioned swapping over the internet connections. This has huge ramifications. I hope we're not going to have to do anything like that. Especially as if they decide to do it, I'll have to take the kids into work :/ And I hope that isn't in the middle of the night. :/ :/

Anyway, I've just received another call from the firewall guy in the states and he's going to try a few more things. I'll have to check the link in the morning but it's looking like I should be able to get a good night's sleep.. fingers crossed!

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