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Gutted :(

Well, as kissycat1000 has said here and ev1ldonut has said here, kissycat1000 has had her bike stolen from outside ev1ldonut's place in Bristol, where my first bike was nicked. Her bike was locked to railings.

I can't explain how gutted I am for kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut. I can't explain how angry I am. Not only at the despicable low-life thieves that took the bike, but at the despicable low-life insurance companies that take the honest public's money for a service that is not worth using. As I found out when my bike was stolen, it conspires that it would probably be more beneficial to kissycat1000 NOT to claim on her insurance and just write off the loss of the bike herself, despite being specifically insured against theft.

There is just one small consolation. At least this saves the work needing doing to the bike anyway - potentially up to £500 or so to fix a gearbox problem - not that that's the point. But consider this: at least it wasn't taken after the work had been done.

Needless to say I have been spurred into action to get an alarm/immobiliser fitted to my new bike, and am having a Meta 357T-V2 fitted tomorrow at Cheltenham Motorcycles for £299 all in. I may still consider theft insurance as my bike is worth £2,500.

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