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So, in addition to some bad news about the bike I sold to ev1ldonut, my bike decides to refuse to start outside the petrol station I stopped at on the way back. Seems the flat battery problem is back. So it's back on charge now, and it will survive the trip I'm sure, but I'll have to book it in to the garage as well (that'll be all three bikes they'll have seen a fair bit of recently) for them to look at *sigh*.

Then I get back home and find ev1ldonut as the only logged in user on my silent computer, but it still on several days later (naughty boy), and my fileserver also on (my fault), which chews up power like no one's business.

So GRARG! really. And now I haven't even got time to make food before driving to roleplaying this evening. GRARG! again.

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