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Action-packed weekend :)

Friday evening we washed the bikes:

Saturday day we went to BikeSafe where I nervously volunteered to have my riding observed by a police rider over a 20 mile ride. His first comment when I got back was "You'd have been riding faster if I wasn't following, wouldn't you?" I replied "'Possibly!" *sheepish grin*. Other than that my road positioning was good, aside for a couple of things I was doing differently anyway because he was following (not positioning to overtake, keeping to the left too early for right hand corners so I could still see him in my mirrors). Anyway he said I was safe, which was good. I caught up with the others and went around the rest of the show which wasn't amazing frankly, although we did get to see and sit on a fair few bikes, which was educational.

kissycat1000 makes comments about the weekend in her post here, while ev1ldonut has far more photos in his post here, and an amusing poll over here :)

In the afternoon, I rode back to Bristol with dylan and mandalorean, with ev1ldonut joining us for part of the way. Still haven't got to properly stretch the legs of my new bike yet..

In the evening I went to yellowraver's birthday celebrations in the Hatchet in Bristol. dylan and ghostpaw joined us, along with a couple of others I know. sepheri was there as well - I haven't seen her for about 7 years or so, so we had a good natter and catch up, which was lovely :)

Here I am, and believe it or not, we're not at all drunk:

A few of pics of the night:

What is she looking at?!

Things get a bit.. feisty:

And finally, much to my delight, I managed to capture a video of sepheri in the ice cube incident :)

Details: ~830kB (11 seconds long) in Bink .EXE format - right-click and 'Save As...' to download; double-click to play in Windows. Other OS users can view/edit it with free RAD tools.

Sunday sepheri joined most of the usual crowd at a pub lunch, which was nice :) We got the four radios and push-to-talk headsets from Maplins in the afternoon finally before coming home and flaking out :/

Anyone who wants all raw images and vids from the night let me know. I might recompress all the images to reduce it down from the ~130MB they currently take..

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