December 17th, 2010

nice fish

Well, it took nearly four years..

But facial recognition is coming to the mainstream (see my post of nearly 4 years ago). It's not quite 'searchable' yet (thankfully), because Facebook currently places restrictions on tagging photos. But then we all know how good Facebook's record on privacy controls is, and I suspect it wouldn't take much for someone to aggregate the data and provide an external face recognition search service. I don't doubt that law and government agencies already have ways of achieving this anyway - this is about it coming to the casual user.

This has come at an interesting time for me anyway for various reasons that I won't go in to. I doubt I'll bother changing my habits now. I guess I'm mainly concerned with the principle of being able to keep my private life private from potential employers' casual searching - not because I have anything to hide, but simply because it's my private life - only people I choose to tell about my private life have a right to know about it.
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