October 5th, 2010



As some of you may or may not know, I had an interview with my most recent employer this afternoon for a role which is a step up from what I was doing. I think it went well, but it's never easy to tell with behavioural interview questions. I was able to answer all their questions, including the really awkward-bastard ones, while turning situations they were familiar with to my advantage (one of the pros/cons of interviewing with people you've worked with/for).

Hopefully the fact they know me and what I'm capable of, and that I know the business, will stand me in good stead.

They hope to give me some feedback by the end of this week, but I doubt the hiring process will be concluded by then. It'll probably be something highly irritating like "You're one of the final two" which will only serve to get my hopes up more while still not knowing if I've actually got the role or not. The good news is I asked about the possibility of taking a break before starting this role and they sounded happy to be flexible on the start date - which if I got the role would give me some much needed downtime and holiday where I could relax and spend some money :)

My rarely (if ever) used archery icon, in the hopes the interview was more successful than my archery was most of the time ;)
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