January 15th, 2010


Geek shopping..

Pre-ordered n900 with play.com on 22nd December for £470, stock due 8th Jan, delivery to home address for security reasons (which of course is useless for me). Stock then due 15th Jan. Stock then due 5th Feb. Duly cancelled order with play.com, placed with the nokia shop uk at £500, who have it in stock. At checkout, notice a voucher code option. One quick google later and a 10% off code that works - a cool £50 off and delivery in 3-5 business days to my work address - phone's now shipped, too. Win!

Also, upgraded my netbook recently, going from an Advent 4211 (identical to MSI Wind U100) to an Acer 1810TZ.. :)

Oh, and Dell finally fixed my XPS laptop - sessifet25 will be pleased :)
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