December 22nd, 2009

nice fish

Road trips ahoy

I doubt many of you know, but recently I discovered my Dell XPS M1710 that I bought a little over 3 years ago developed a fault with the graphics card which is causing graphical glitches and worst, crashes when you try to do anything sufficiently demanding. It's interesting that it's a little over 3 years, as this was the length of the 'standard' warranty Dell wanted me to fork out for, which I decided against. I'm quite pleased I didn't now..

However, I discovered a place in Oxfordshire that say they can fix the laptop for me, which is good. I don't fancy all the hassle with posting, waiting, etc. Today they're a bit short-staffed due to snow, so tomorrow (weather permitting) will be a road trip to them to get it fixed. I think I shall do my "Christmas shopping" while I wait.

With any luck, £99 later plus fuel costs I will have a fixed laptop again :) This will make me and sessifet25 happy :)

Other road trips in the near future are to my Mum's for Christmas day and Boxing day (2.5 hours), then up to see sessifet25 which turns out to be close to a 4 hour drive from my Mum's :S

Yesterday - awesome midwinter's feast with kissycat1000 and family, but felt grim in the evening.
Today - films and bumming around with jinx_lbc :)
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