December 19th, 2009


Cinema is safe.

I've just been to see Avatar in 3D. This won't be a spoiler, don't worry. It's just - they've nailed 3D. And Avatar was a particularly epic story with state of the art CGI. It's getting close to the sort of things you might see in your dreams. Well, that's just my opinion.

Recent 3D films like Beowulf or Toy Story 3D made your eyes ache a bit - the 3D in Avatar was more subtle for the most part. The CGI was top-notch. Things moved as you'd expect, including all materials.

Cinema is safe. Home reproduction was getting to the point that it wasn't necessarily worth going to the cinema much any more; you could just wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray. With 3D, there's a good reason to see films in the cinema again - at least, in my opinion.

And Avatar - what an epic film. A good story, well told. Go and see it.
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