March 8th, 2009


Spring is coming; the time of renewal

Life has been steadily improving; there's an element of self-imposed limbo as I work out what I actually want to aim for next in my life. I'm not planning to rush any decisions on this front. In the mean time I have been indulging my hobbies and doing some gentle socialising, and plan to continue in this vein for some time.

Work progresses well. Some recent leadership training that focused on the softer skills has left a lasting impression with me through the common sense principles and the skill of the trainer to cut to the core of what is actually important and expose skills we all have but bury under a clamour of noise from every day life. Only time will tell if I'm able to put the simple principles into practise.

One thing it did do is break through my general fear of not getting involved. If I'm being honest I think it's something that's not peculiar to just myself but to many people. All of us on the course are now involved in raising money for Comic Relief; I personally will be cycling to and from work, 8 miles each way. While not stellar, this will be no mean feat for unfit me, including doing a full day's work. On the second and last day of the course we had to organise ourselves and perform a number of tasks, including performing a song and dance whilst being filmed (something colleagues have declined on previous courses). One of the other tasks was to build and launch a rocket. I took some video of the launch :)

It felt really good to be involved; for the charity fundraising I grabbed a big curly red-haired wig and wandered round the offices - people responded well to the unusual appearance of their work colleague. Normally I would shy away from making a fool of myself especially at my place of work. I also shy away from selling - I deeply dislike the concept, the implication of manipulation - the whole thing. But my enthusiasm and will enabled me to gather quite a few pledges which left me feeling very satisfied with my contribution.

As you can see, I've a number of things to reflect on over the coming months.
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