October 30th, 2008

nice fish

So, politics...

A quick post while I think of it.

I mentioned in my previous post that I found the world of politics too complex and without enough choice (I possibly meant differentiation here).

It struck me, why are we voting for politicians? I'm interested in certain policies coming into being, but uninterested or even actively against others happening. Why can't we vote for policies? We have the technology to enable this.

There is of course another aspect to this, which is about how politicians handle situations. Perhaps they could also put forward their principles and ideals so that we can vote for the traits we would most like to see, such as hard line vs. compassionate, strong national identity vs. international coordination, etc.

This granularity would much better represent the people's wishes and would give a much clearer picture of what people want than the current (effective) choice of three main parties. I think it would even inspire the political apathetics like myself to vote as it would be something I could really have my proper say.