October 11th, 2008


Two bikey things

The 2009 Yamaha V-Max is full of 200 hp V4 goodness of awesome and win:

However, it currently costs £16k. Boo.

In other news, I plan to fix the suspension on my blackbird. After speaking to the technician and him taking a ride on it and it nearly dumping him, this has turned into: upgrade the old, tired front and rear suspension, replace front suspension bushes, head stock bearings, rear linkage plate bearings, remove the air intake restriction petals (+16hp). He also told me de-linking the brakes will remove 23kg of weight (although I suspect the replacement system will put some of that back on), but that's something for another time. All this should cost me around a grand I suspect, but to be honest that includes a bunch of fixing stuff that really needed to be fixed anyway.

This morning I also removed the exhaust baffle for the first time since I bought the replacement exhaust. OHMYGODitsoundsnice.. :D It is getting me into trouble round town too; I just can't resist giving it a handful at the moment. And it burbles on the overrun in the most pleasing way too. Hurrr.

I've got all excited about my bike again; it's like riding a new one just from the noise - and when the suspension is fixed it should really handle like a new bike too :)

So I got home and actually cleaned it. I'm looking forwards to getting it fixed up :)