March 21st, 2008



The Illz -> broken sleep patterns -> awake at silly times -> boredom -> spending money.

Oops. Still, I'll have more laptop hard drive space, a MUCH improved gateway machine that also acts as a wireless access point (fingers crossed) and a fileserver that will max out the gigabit network properly :) (again, fingers crossed that the disks are happily recognised by the new build of Solaris...)
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So after a day of all of us recuperating at home watching films and doing not a lot apart from boggling at the binary weather we went to the archery field. During the day we had wind, bright sun, a 3 minute blizzard, bright sun, wind, bright sun, and then just as we'd got ourselves together to get to the field we had a 10 minute hail storm. It was weird. We decided to go anyway as we guessed correctly that the weather would clear up before we got there. It was the first time for ev1ldonut and myself but kissycat1000 had been before. Anyway, I managed to shoot my bow! Quite reasonably! I even got a gold! (although that was mostly luck than judgement)

We discovered the groundskeeper had been and locked the gate so we couldn't get out. Luckily there was a way around by lifting a side gate off it's hinges to get through...

I'm hoping to persuade people they want to play Order of the Stick with me tomorrow at some point. Any other local people want to join in?

Oh, and this may or may not be the best thing evar. I intend to get one tomorrow but I may return it if it turns out to be rubbish for tea.