January 8th, 2008


And now, the news I've all been waiting for (sic)

Just had a meeting with $DEPARTMENT_BOSS and she has confirmed my thoughts that my role is no longer required. This means I start a 2 week consultation period on Thursday to help me find another suitable role within the company. I came to the meeting with both an internal job that I thought may be suitable and also a proposal for a programme that I'd be the central point for that utilises my skills and past experience within the company.

This comes as a massive relief. My last official communication with $OLD_BOSS, where he denied that the role was redundant, made me feel like the problem must therefore be me. I'm so relieved $DEPARTMENT_BOSS sees things the way I do and confirmed my original thoughts.

Of course, this does mean that I need to find a new position within 2 weeks or be made redundant, the precise remuneration details of which I don't yet know. But at the moment this is a small concern as I have savings that should last me at least 6 months, should it come to that, and I have a chance to change my focus.
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After a fairly emotionally exhausting day, I had to do The Great Vehicle Shuffle™. My car's exhaust 'broke' on Saturday evening, and my bike's battery appeared to not want to be charged. At all. So I took the battery back to the shop on Monday evening as it was less than a year old. They confirmed my diagnosis and put a new one on charge for me to pick up on Tuesday evening. I had my car booked in to have the exhaust welded on Wednesday as I didn't want to risk paying £150 on an exhaust when my future finances are looking shakey. This meant I had to drop the car off tonight. So tonight I had to go home to pick up my bicycle in the car, pick up the battery, drop the car off and then cycle home, before installing the battery into the bike, lubricating the chain and setting off to kissycat1000's. It only took me about 2 hours to do all of that. And the bastard wind was against me all the way as I cycled. Bastard.

Anyway, then J, bless him, decided that he was well and didn't want the bucket near him - only to throw up everywhere of course. Cue another trip out to get the carpet cleaner from my house.

But all is saved. kissycat1000 and I watched Howl's Moving Castle tonight courtesy of my sister, which I now realise I hadn't seen before. I am beginning to feel my sanity returning, like warmth to frostbitten fingers. I haven't yet mentioned that after doing some research at the end of last week I finally drove to Bristol on Saturday morning with ev1ldonut to meet dylan and bought myself a new camera - a Canon G9. I'm glad I bought it before this week otherwise I could never have justified it with the current uncertainty. I've really been enjoying playing around with it, and tonight I took Collapse ).

My destiny feels like its back in my hands again. I'm sure it was really all along, but it's difficult to see that when someone more senior than you whose judgement you trust tells you that you're wrong.