December 24th, 2007

nice fish

An update and some pictures

Turns out I badly misjudged my ability to cope with the last few days mainly due to Christmas stresses. Anyway that seems to be mainly out of the way now. Did go for a wander with dylan and ev1ldonut and took some photos (ev1ldonut's ones, which are of course much better than mine and are here). My camera is still rubbish and fails to focus at the wide end, and can also confuse itself in some of the normal range too - this will be due to me 'dropping' it onto the road when my hand caught the strap and sent it flying. I've hardly used it for those reasons, and my general annoyance with it. I have been considering getting another one for some time but I haven't completely decided what I want just yet.

In the mean time, Collapse )

I'm back in work for today, vaguely hoping that we'll get a half day or something. No great loss if we don't though.