October 10th, 2007

nice fish

An improvement

Well I'm at work on a Wednesday, first time in four weeks. This is an improvement. However, sleeping continues to be an issue - I also seem to be sleeping very lightly at present which causes problems when I try to share a bed with kissycat1000 during the week - not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination.

I remember having an anxiety dream last night where I was supposed to be making a call to a work meeting at 4pm although I was at home ill. I remember realising the time was something like 4:06pm or 4:07pm and not dialling in for fear of turning up late, and of course feeling guilty about missing the call.

I'm feeling a bit more chipper though thanks to all your reassurance on my last post, and I'm starting to arrange social things too :)

I need icons of all my hobbies (crossed out ones I already have icons for): hifi, roleplaying, geeking (I have several), poker, boardgames, computer gaming, cycling, archery (will be starting that soon, hopefully!) and I could do with a few other icons for moods.

I have an 'eyes down' icon which represents a number of moods, but I could do with one for when I'm feeling emo (self flagellating) rather than actually down. I also need another one other than my 'nice fish' one for a general icon, preferably that doesn't contain my face. I also need a distinct (from my LJ icons) one for FaceBook that represents me - a caricature or symbol, perhaps? Any suggestions or offers of help gratefully received!
nice fish

Knowledge, learning and awareness: Relevant right now (see procrastination)

You know when you embark on a task, you realise it's going to require some learning. I think there are four stages to this learning process (I've googled but I can't find anything that quite matches what I'm going to say here):

don't havehave
2. Discovery3. Pain
1. Ignorance4. Victory!

  1. Ignorance. Here you aren't aware you don't have the knowledge, and you also don't have the knowledge. Ignorance is bliss!
  2. Discovery. You start on the task and become quickly aware that you don't have the knowledge.
  3. Pain. You start learning about the knowledge, but all you are aware of at this stage is just how much you don't know! Pain! (incidentally, this is where I am now and hence why I'm procrastinating *grin*)
  4. Victory! You have the knowledge and are no longer aware of the lack of it.

Aside: isn't know a stupid word?!