August 3rd, 2007


[Geek] It lives! My creation lives! <insert manical laugh here>

I made the appropriate sacrifices to the blood god and the money god, and lo, they were pleased, for my new fileserver, behemoth, went together smoothly and worked on first switch on :)

Thanks to ev1ldonut who unpackaged everything and fitted the 15 drives to their docks while I tackled modding the case to fit the three sets of drive chassis: the bays all had little metal tabs to support individual 5.25" bay devices, so these all had to be pushed back out to make way for the drive chassis.

He even went to the chinese to get food for us as it had got after 9pm and I hadn't eaten.. :)

I now have 6.18TB of usable space in a 15x 500GB disk ZFS RAIDZ pool :)

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Medieval Banquet

Well it was a nice idea and initial interest seemed good, but nobody paid up, so we're not going. I shan't bother to organise one for September instead as I got so little interest this time I just don't think people are keen on it.
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