May 8th, 2007


Back to Earth with a bump.

So, back at work after a long weekend. The vagueness and tiredness cloud my mind that is already preoccupied with the amusingly appropriate lyrics of a talented singer/songwriter. At least this week is a four day one.

The weekend was a good one. We had a very successful games weekend, with quite a few games played and people visiting :)

Monday we didn't manage to go on our day trip, but then we were all pretty wiped out from the weekend anyway. We did manage to sit and watch another bunch of Heroes though :)
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And some more (not so thrilling) news

After a weekend of eating 'crap' (figuratively, not literally), I've sort of made the decision to stop taking sugar in my tea, certainly at work at least. I've tried it before, stuck with it for a few months but slipped back into it somehow. Also need to start doing more exercise again; I had a good thing going for a few weeks, but it slipped as well. I'm still cycling every Monday without fail though, and still walking to and from the local Tesco for food at work, but I've noticed that my energy levels have dropped significantly along with my exercise. I quite liked being awake enough to want to take the motorbike in every day, for example :)