March 18th, 2007

nice fish

Our dirty... windy and wet weekend away

This weekend kissycat1000 and myself went to Blackpool and stayed in a quaint little B&B, whose proprietress reminded me very strongly of Roz from Monsters Inc. <nasal drawl>"Would you like a cup of tea..? Okay I'll just bring out two cups anyway.."</nasal drawl> That hilarity aside, we had a poor night's sleep in the extremely soft double bed pushed up against the wall. The breakfast was spot on, though :)

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Time for a nice lazy day of maybe pub lunch and watching stuff.. :)
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nice fish


Lunch this week is at TGI Friday's at 1pm. Come along!

Bugger. Everywhere's booked because it's Mother's Day. I suggest a cafe somewhere for a late breakfast as they're not likely to be full of mothers' day guests.. buying some steaks from the supermarket and cooking them round at ev1ldonut and my house...
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