March 12th, 2007



Gosh. I did get quite drunk yesterday. I drank 6 of those 330ml bottles of Inns and Gunn, at 6.6%. I thought I was pacing myself too.. they went down so easily. I stopped drinking at about 8pm I think, and drank tea and water until bedtime (at 10pm when I decided an early night would be good). My body, however, had other plans and thoughtfully decided to wake me up at 3am to drink more water. Probably a good thing, all in all. Shame I couldn't get properly back to sleep and fitfully dozed until my alarm went off this morning.

Feeling somewhat fragile and a little tired too :/

Heard ev1ldonut at some point during the night too (only because I was already mostly awake).. nice to know they're back safely :)

Lunch at the Royal Oak, kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut? I could do with some starch and grease to mop up the remnants of my hangover..
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