March 6th, 2007


More good things

  • Weekend was ace; many thanks to easternpromise. Hello to bytepilot, thalinoviel and digital_eye :)
  • I managed to get hold of a copy of Illuminati quite painlessly yesterday :)
  • My bank account seems to be reasonably in the black despite repeated hammerings. This is good, as I will need to hammer it some more, not least for quiet cooling as I plan to turn my rarely-used desktop machine into a quiet but powerful media centre PC for use with my projector and telly :) Also, I need to order bedroom furniture.
  • Most importantly, the sun is out, and it is actually warm. Summer is just around the corner, despite the wind and rain last night! A few weeks of damp perhaps, but summer is definitely coming!
In other news, poker night tonight anyone?

Not again!

In my rush yesterday evening to buy the new game, it appears my wallet fell out of my pocket once again as I got into my car. Apparently it has been handed in but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out exactly where it's gone.

What surprised me was the deep feelings of inadequacy and depression I felt at what is in all actuality a small event with (usually) little consequence*. But the meaning to me was one of failure; if I can't even keep a wallet about my person what hope do I have?

I purposely got a wallet with a chain to attach to a belt loop so it would be harder to lose it. But in my rush I didn't do that, and it must have been the rush that caused me to be careless.

I knew it was silly as I was feeling it, that I was feeling low and also irritable, so I took myself off to my darkened room. This is quite unlike me. But through it all I maintained a sense of perspective.

Now I feel quite OK, especially now I know it's been found, so I can stop looking for it. And once I was over the worst of it, a beer also helps :)

* After losing my wallet so many times before, my wallet now usually only contains a small amount of cash and two cards from the same bank in it.