January 22nd, 2007


It's definitely a Monday Morning...

I went to bed at just gone 9pm last night feeling pretty zonked out. Good thing though, as my painful hip woke me at least twice throughout the night that I remember (because I leaned over to see what time it was). So despite being in bed for 11 hours I feel like I've only slept for about 7 of them. Bah.

Now I hear that there's a chance of snow/sleet this evening when I plan to do my first bicycle ride.. F$%&*!!! I'll cycle anyway unless it's dangerous as it should help my hip.
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Actually there is no angst..

So it was Monday morning, it's traditional to start with a bit of angst. I've since made a doctor's appointment and a car appointment. The weekend was actually really quite good, so I wanted to talk about that.

Saturday day was productive, the kids were well behaved. Risk was played in the evening going on into the early morning, which was really good fun if I do say so myself. I was even good in that I only had one beer and woke up feeling a lot better as well.

Sunday was also good, ending up at the Norwood with The Lovely™. Had a minor run-in with T before we left for the pub over housework, but nothing unexpected I suppose. The house is mostly all clean as well, which is always good for one's state of mind.

I even got an early night, which given how much I slept was probably a good thing.

Cycling tonight. It is considerably colder than it has been, due to winds from the north. I will be wearing gloves I think.

Work is happening at a pace I can handle, which is nice :)
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