January 20th, 2007

nice fish


Lights, a helmet, mudguards, front, back and spoke reflectors, a new saddle, retro-reflective ankle clips, all for ~£70, are now fitted to my bike (where appropriate). I will be cycling to roleplaying on Monday rain or shine.

Only thing I haven't got (yet) is a jacket. I already have a retro-reflective sash though.

A new air filter didn't sort out my automatic car's stalling/revving problem, so I guess I'm going to have to book it in for a look.

A lie-in this morning and a more relaxing day sees me feeling better than the last two days this week, and people should be round shortly.

Even the kids didn't have too boring a day either :)

Got a few things to sort out round the house tomorrow, but nothing strenuous.