October 21st, 2006

eyes down

Rather depressing on the face of it

Yesterday was a washout - I wasn't expecting to do any work but I have been feeling wiped out all day.

The decorator I booked came round and quoted me just shy of £1100 to do both bedrooms, all inclusive excepting buying wallpaper and carpets, and fitting carpets. I just can't afford that - that's a good portion of my kitchen right there.

And I appear to be ill, so I'm just feeling overwhelmed with the work that's got to be done and the shrinking amount of time left to do it in. I'm going to have to take time off work to do it.

Then to top it all off, the kids were tired and ratty before bed time, with J escalating his bad behaviour. Thankfully he didn't wet the bed or carpet (as he has done in the past; T did warn us that he was threatening to though). Instead he pulled the curtains off and also tore off strips of wallpaper.

All just really rather depressing. I think I'm going to play a game for an hour or so while trying to wake up, then do some of the last tasks before sacha37 comes over to help prepare the walls.

The DIY Rollercoaster

Well thanks to the extra hands of sacha37 and easternpromise, along with kissycat1000 we managed to finish stripping the wallpaper and sand the majority of the walls ready for sealing and painting - I think a start was made on sanding the woodwork too. kissycat1000 pasted the bits of wallpaper that J had torn off back on with really strong glue, ready to be repainted when it's dry. I sorted out the shower, which needed sealing. I also finally finished boarding the loft, after I rerouted the extension cord for the network switches into its final position. We we going great guns, and just as we were finishing up, I put a screw through a floorboard into a water pipe. Disaster!

After some dicking around working out the best thing to do, I ended up scooting off to B&Q to pick up a section of pipe and a jubilee clip. Got back and fixed that - I'll have to call the plumber on Monday to replace the thankfully short but unfortunately bent piece of 22mm pipe.

I'm definitely worn out now; I've just finished clearing up downstairs, so now I think I'm going to have a shower and relax for the rest of the evening.

Thanks guys, I owe you pints/meal etc. We'll have to work out how you can collect at a later date :)

But all in all, I'm feeling a lot more upbeat about getting it all done in time, which is the main thing.