October 19th, 2006


Not such a good night.

This morning I woke up after having some lucid dreams. I guess it probably started when I realised that I'd screwed a plank down that was now behind the new wall that's been plastered, and I need to get it up to make one last change. So that's going to be a pain. In addition to the extra work I hadn't realised the walls would need I guess it's all just anxiety.

Anyway, that appeared to manifest in my dreams as Tianna's friends coming over to a different house where we were living and them wrecking the plastered walls I'd just put up. I woke up feeling really angry, but all the while knowing it was just a dream.

So now I'm feeling fairly sorry for myself, but I need to shake off the fug and get on with it.

There, an attempt to document my brain-meats. Of course it only talks about what's on the surface. I haven't really worked out much beyond that - I don't really have time to think about it. Which is probably good, in a way.

Request for help

Hi all,

Just wondering if you're local and not up to much this Saturday, would you fancy coming over to my house to help prepare the master bedroom for decorating? It will involve steaming and scraping wallpaper backing, sanding woodwork, sizing (painting with weak paste) ceilings, etc.

I can offer beer and pizza when we're done, and attempts at being sociable while we work :) kissycat1000 and kids will already be there...
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