October 18th, 2006

nice fish

Ramble Ramble

Hello World.

Good, got that out of the way. I've just been reading some entries from the 'One day in History' blog, which was.. I think turgid is the best word to describe it. But I guess it made me realise that I hardly actually make entries in here any more - I consider the audience before me, which is at least considerate if nothing else, but it does mean I don't really record anything in particular.

At any rate, today has been odd. Did some DIY this evening amongst trying to sort out a few other things, and leopardspice popped over for a cuppa, which was nice. Sorry I was rather distracted and scatty - I even forgot to give you back the leopardprint hair tie you left here since the last party!

Anyway, the door is now framed and filled, but I've just realised how much work is left to scrape the walls - although it looks like the paper is off, the backing is still mostly there - I don't think I can paper over it as it will come off the walls, so it's going to be a steam and scrape job.

Still, never mind. It'll all get done eventually.

Thanks kissycat1000 for listing the first of many things that really need to go as they're just clogging up the place but can't just be chucked. I'm so crap at selling.

Ugh, well I've had enough of this so I'm going to go and play the Dark Messiah demo and see if it's any good.