September 18th, 2006


An update

Dear Journal,

I'm sorry I have been neglecting you horribly for the last couple of weeks. I've spent most of the time thrashing - doing a lot but not really changing anything. In this time I've had a disagreement with a loved one, finished reinstalled my linux router from scratch, bought a replacement washing machine, had a friend break his shoulder badly on a motorcycle, had a weekend of movies that is more tiring than it would otherwise seem, had a bad meal at a pub and failed to get round to editing and uploading my photos from the Prague holiday kissycat1000 and I went on.

Looking forwards I have an evening of helping to fix a bathroom for a friend, a LAN to go to, then a couple of weekends of babysitting in which I hope to get more done to my house. I learned a simple technique for preparing the problem ceilings in my house which has given me a surge of hope as they were previously trouble areas that were causing me worry.

I had the interesting news this morning that my house may have increased in value to 175% of it's purchase price just two and a half years ago (not taking into account the current state of the property). This is.. interesting news but does concern me slightly that interest rates are going to rise further; so I don't think I'll be doing anything extravagant with this new but possibly fragile equity just at the moment.

I'm beginning to think about being a bit smarter with my finances as although I have enough to live off comfortably and therefore not have to think about money, I'm aware I could be making my money work harder and smarter for me, but not enough knowledge as to how to best do this. I need to properly sort out pensions, mortgages, investments and savings.
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