August 21st, 2006


Hah, so they've commoditised my idea..

Well okay that's perhaps a bit of a concise description. ASUS have made a wireless-router-come-bittorrent-client-come-webserver. It looks pretty good and simple to use - it's based on Linux of course, with a web interface.

I will probably persist with my own linux router because ultimately I want the flexibility a full PC and full linux can give me, and I'm geeky enough to set it up and maintain it (given enough time), but if you're interested in what it can do check out the review. Probably highly recommended :)
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More spam: this time, a request for help

I'm hoping you lot can help me. My weak-framed glasses have finally given way. I tried superglue, but it doesn't appear to be strong enough on the small surface area that needs to be glued. I could get them soldered, but Vision Express, who have labs onsite, are going through a refit so they aren't available currently.

I'm therefore considering trying contact lenses. I don't know what my prescription is, or pretty much anything else about them. Recommendations please, with costs?
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