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Quite a long one, so here are some cut tags:

HolidayCollapse )

Biking holiday?Collapse )

GlassesCollapse )

The fuel incidentCollapse )

Someone's having a laugh..Collapse )

New car?Collapse )

Job newsCollapse )

An apologyCollapse )

Finally, in more upbeat news, sepheri will be joining in the party celebrations to make the increasingly inaccurately named the Truly Terrible Trio's party into a foursome. Not that I'm complaining. I guess it's now the OMGWTFBBQ. So, don't forget to let me know if you're planning to come / want crash space / want to know where it is :)

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I make a big long post, and then I get 6 comments from 3 people on my OLD posts...! WTF?

Perhaps it's another symptom of post size being inversely proportional to the number of comments one gets..

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