June 22nd, 2006


Stuff and Things

Got a few things floating around my head about where I'm at, inspired by others' problems. Don't expect this to make any sense.

Things have actually been remarkably calm of late. I think I'm just tired and have been put in a crap mood this morning, but it occured to me that the issues one of my friends is facing has actually happened to me in stealth, although I have just accepted it for the quiet life. Now I'm not going to jump on this and lay all my grief at the foot of this issue - I know many other problems I have are completely unrelated to this, or just compound things.

I clearly need another cup of tea.
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GPS :)

dr_athiest is evil. I freely admit he made me do it. I now have a bluetooth GPS unit, and I know the position of kissycat1000's house very accurately.

Now, fellow LJers, tell me of some PC software that acts like TomTom with by GPS unit on my laptop (Windows or Linux). Because I can't seem to figure out which software I should be looking at..

I have already worked out how to get the raw logs mapped onto Google Earth.. :)

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