June 20th, 2006

nice fish

I meant to mention

Last night, I got accosted by bible bashers. These folks seemed to be from the Church of Latter-day Saints, or, as most people apart from me already knew until afterwards - Mormons.

I was in a fairly kind mood, and they took my interest. So I chatted to the two nice clean upright young men on my doorstep for a while. One had short blonde spikey hair, cheekbones, and striking but gentle blue eyes. The other was somewhat taller and had short black spikey hair and brown eyes.

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What a strange experience. I wanted to ask many more questions, but felt they were too rude. What drives people to walk around talking to strangers about their religion? I'm sure I must live in a very secluded way, to feel that talking to strangers is abnormal. It certainly makes me question a few things in myself, although they are almost entirely non-religious questions.