March 6th, 2006

nice fish

The weekend, and other things

In an entry separate from my current illness, I wanted to briefly mention the things that happened this weekend. There was bike-ridery, rats, bowling, bike-fixing and gorgeous gorgeous steak the next day. Om nom nom. Today there has been bike-ridery (despite illness - watch me defie you!) and resurrection - kissycat1000 thinks it's still leaky on the exhaust; I'm not so sure, but I was in a hurry and already had my helmet on. I'll have a feel when I start it before going home today and see if I can feel it coming out. Tonight there is a roast chicken, which smelt delicious when I popped back to swap bikes after going to the doctor's today. Om nom nom once again. :)

No roleplaying for me this week I think. Better rest and try to shake this thing off.
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