January 30th, 2006

eyes down

[Geek] Whoops...

This is not the entry I wanted to be making. This morning, I downloaded a program from a dodgy source as part of my job. Unfortunately I wasn't really awake and ran an 'update.exe' program contained within the zip file on my laptop. Nothing popped up. Hmm. I checked the process list but nothing was showing. I scanned the file with the company standard virus scanner, but it was reported clean. Five minutes later I got a call from IS asking me to disconnect my computer from the network and bring it to them for re-imaging. It appears I was 0wned by a r00tkit. Whoops...
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nice fish

DIY extravaganza

It was Saturday morning. The morning of the big DIY weekend. I had accepted my fate, and was actually quite cheerful. I popped out to the shops to pick up some milk and the radio played The Troggs/With A Girl Like You at me, which was great.

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