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Wot I did this weekend

My achievements this weekend have been:
  • Buying a new vacuum cleaner and George Foreman thingy
  • Utterly failing to get kissycat1000's or my place in shape for beeby and Bill's visit, or even being back before they arrived - oops
  • Impressing my mother with the hifi
  • Having the parents meeting each other thing happening unexpectedly
  • While with Bill, failed to buy a ladder large enough to reach my roof (to clean the slate tiles of moss) as they were £150(!) but instead bought ingredients for..
  • One of my stupidly large spaghetti bolognaises, again impressing my mother (it's her recipe)
  • Watching the rest of "The Fifth Element" with mother after she was intrigued by one of my test tracks
  • kissycat1000 letting slip that she enjoys beeby's company, although she'll never admit to it ;)
  • Cooking breakfast using the new toy the next morning
  • Breaking the tip of my tooth off on my tongue piercing (DOH!)
  • Cutting the leylandii back to about 7ft with a chainsaw, hedgetrimming viciously, and ending up with literally half a garden full of garden waste to be burned
  • Impressing my mother so much with the new vacuum cleaner that she went around and practically cleaned my whole house unbidden!
  • Mum meets ev1ldonut..
  • Managed to get my mother to play a (short) round of Munchkin with us *grin*
  • Missed being paged by work in the morning, but got paged again later during the time I decided not to go to the pub with the others but have a nap instead - this time for a real emergency - the entire network went down due to one of the network switches just freezing
  • Coming back and collapsing with exhaustion
  • Getting up again before the light faded to bash the exhaust off my bike and expose the rusty area (no mean feat), in preparation for it being welded tomorrow.

kissycat1000 just cooked me a ready meal as both of us are wiped out. I'm feeling a little better now. ev1ldonut seems to be just as wiped out after his exertions. Hopefully going back home to get rest and taking multi-vitamins and echinacea will keep him from succumbing to anything at the moment. I think work is going to seem like a holiday compared to this weekend! Still, I have to arrange a dentist to get my tooth crowned (I presume - I've never had any dental work other than orthodontist treatment in my 'teens).

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