December 13th, 2005



This space left intentionally blank. Yes I'm aware of the irony of these words. It's a reflection on my state of mind at present. There, now I've explained it. Did it make it any clearer? Did it? Well, did it?
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An elaboration

I think I've recently been in the mood to indulge my darker wallowing side. Hello world, yes this is my inside speaking. You know, watching The Crow and enjoying the cliché'd melodrama - but not from a pretentious or attention-seeking kind of way. Except of course, that this and the previous post are all about attention-seeking, as well as writing.

I used to be more than this. I used to feel.

Perspective: I know this is just winter and other stresses.

So. In order to seem approachable and invite some interaction, why don't you see what you can tell me about your insides?
nice fish

A silly game

I've decided my silly game for today is to respond to posts with an image (or a couple if really necessary) rather than words. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words after all :)

Feel free to spread this by posting something similar to the above in your journal, and it may be fun to say who you yoinked it from :)