October 11th, 2005



Informal gathering this weekend: BBQ probably. First suggested by ev1ldonut, kissycat1000's social organiser post (amongst a picture of a very smug die) here.

I'm bored, waiting for projects to kick off. Bah. *twiddles thumbs*

And no, training without cause doesn't interest me, and I've caught up with all the tech news I'm interested in. This is a very unusual situation for me.

The new series..

Oh look.. Stargate SG-1. The new series. Ho hum...

OMG! It has Ben Browder, the lead from Farscape in it! He's set to take over SG-1! *perks*

Now, all it needs is Claudia Black and it'll be perfect.

*stargate fires up*

*enter Claudia Black, in rather tight-fitting black leather outfit, right on cue*