August 1st, 2005

eyes down

God I'm Knackered

Another great weekend. Don't think my guts liked being thrown down a hill when I was already suffering a mild hangover from 3(!) pints consumed the previous evening. Cleared my back garden, with help from rather distracted people here and there ;)

Bit of an anti-climax as I walked out of the front door to see the front garden in the completely wild state that I'd forgotten I'd left it in since the last party.. :/

Posts on kissycat1000's, evi1donut's and gashinryu's journals.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday kissycat1000 my love, and happy anniversary ev1ldonut and kissycat1000 :)
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This coming weekend

Here it is, the obligatory:


It's at my house in Cheltenham, it's to celebrate kissycat1000's Oh birthday. Everyone's invited. Bring friends and (good looking) brothers and sisters, booze, bedding, food for BBQ if the weather holds out (looking faintly disturbing from what I can make out).

Leave a comment if you need directions, otherwise let me know you're coming on this post and if you require crash space!

Kids and pets welcome for the first half :)
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