July 18th, 2005


Fingers crossed!!

Well I just called the Messagelabs HR person this morning and gave them the usual details. I was actually a fair bit nervous - I really want this job! She sounded quite enthusiastic about my credentials. She said she'd put the info before the selectors and I said I'd call back on Wednesday if I've heard nothing in the mean time.

Fingers crossed!
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So it's fairwell tonsilitus...

The consultant asked me some basic questions about my bouts of tonsilitus and warned me that there was about a 1 in 110+ chance of secondary bleeding (which would require another trip into theatre to repair). Other than that and told me to wait for a letter giving the date to have my tonsils out. Oh.. okay.

I hope it comes after August as I'll have to reschedule it if it's before or during the holiday... I hope I get and am in my new job by then as well, because Intercall are not going to like me having my tonsils out right in the middle of the site reshuffle either. Oh dear. Lol.

Actually, I couldn't have picked a worse time (from their perspective) to do all this. Ah well.

[RPG] And it's farewell Mage as well..

On another note, we completed our Mage game. One of our party utterly annihilated the big bad boss in one move, but the boss's dying curse made our hero continue the evil work. After realising this I lept heroically in and joined the two artifact weapons (well, hit them together) which caused the end of the world and we all won hurrah!.

Some people died and were brought to life again and others were nearly killed by their allies (several times - oops) and it was all a bit exciting.

So, Exalted next. I'm looking forwards to that :) *rubs hands with glee*