July 13th, 2005


Stuff and nonsense

I appear to have hired two plasterers to do the smallest bedroom ceiling (8'x10'?) a week from today, for £110. Hurrah! Now let's see if they're any good and turn up on time etc...

After the thought (I was just very glad to have someone turn up) I realise I probably should have haggled on the price. But doing this room is the cornerstone of the rest of the work, so I'll just get it done and worry about pricing for the rest of the work down the line. Perhaps I'll actually get several quotes etc. next time.
eyes down


However the other news is that I enquired about a couple of jobs recently, and after an initial flurry of interest I haven't heard anything back. I suspect this means they're not interested, which is a shame as one of them I was really keen on.