May 19th, 2005


[Geek] F*^&##!!!!!

How do you work out how many lines are on the screen when you're in a script in linux??

At the command line you can simply do 'echo $LINES', but in a script the LINES environment variable is no longer available. I can't work it out!!!

Someone help me before I go mad!
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nice fish

A discourse on the topic of shaving...

kissycat1000:   (After making me shave properly - wash face, proper shaving gel, taking time, pat dry, proper aftershave balm) - See? Wasn't that better? That's what you should be doing every day.
azekeil:Well I'm the sort of person that wants to roll out of bed and be in work before I wake up and realise what's happening.
kissycat1000:But look how nice your skin is now! No rash, and no stubble. Baby soft smooth skin.
azekeil:But I go into work to use my brain, and I don't need to shave my brain! If I were a model I could understand it, but I'm not.
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Fascinating events

I did intend to watch more Farscape with kissycat1000 when we got back from our meal this evening. However kissycat1000's mum was watching BBC1 when we got back, and Journey of Life came on. It wasn't just a wishy-washy historical look at things (something I find boring if I'm unable to relate it to our more immediate lives) but a clear explanation of various evolutionary facts and the reasons for their coming about.

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I certainly did feel privvy to momentous events happening right now in the world and wanted to write down my thoughts.

Anyway, kissycat1000 has been asleep on the other sofa now for a good 45 minutes and I'm tired, so I think we should get some good old down to earth sleep. Good thing I don't have to be in work until 2pm tomorrow :) Shame the weather is going to be crap.. ah well. :)