May 11th, 2005


Do you know, I'm actually feeling really rather happy :)

The worst thing I have to worry about today is whether I'm well enough to get a doctor's appointment and have him declare me fit for work so I can go back to work for Thursday and Friday of this week. And I've already decided that although I feel fine I'm still very tired, and I've only just managed to sleep through the whole night without waking up.

The dulcet tones of a spray-can being shaken are floating in from out the back, where the delectable kissycat1000 is putting the finishing touches to her respray of her rear cowling. It's sunny, peaceful even. My house is in a bit of a state as I haven't really felt up to doing all the washing up, but it's not disgusting really. 'Lived in' is a good term, I think.

Jordan, the little tyke, pulled down the curtain rail last night - the first time in this house, and he's been here over a year. We had a little talk. I'm hoping he's not going to do it again - I should just be able to replace the little plastic securing things that screw into the wall.

But still, I have my health (back, now), no urgent stuff to do, a roof over my head, the sunshine and my love. Life is definitely good :)
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